CAF to introduce coaching standards in all sanctioned tournaments

CAF to introduce coaching standards in all sanctioned tournaments

CAF head of professional football Muhammad Sidat says plans are in place to start introducing coaching standards in all their tournaments.

Coaching standards are currently only required in the CAF inter-club competitions as part of the club licensing programme. 

In the past there’s been arguments as to why CAF would prioritise coaching qualifications only for clubs, while national teams are exempted therefrom, but Sidat says that’s all about to change.

"Yes, CAF has implemented a set of licence requirements for coaches in its men's and women's inter-club competitions, but we have not yet went into the other competitions – for example, the national team, AFCON qualifiers, etcetera," said Sidat.

"But I can tell you that the coaching department at CAF is currently doing an exercise and brainstorming with the different stakeholders – the CAF technical development committee, etcetera, to prepare a proposal to be submitted to the competent authority."

Sidat says once their technical departments headed by Raul Chipenda are done with the process of reviewing their programmes, meaning they could start with this new policy at international level.

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There have been instances in South Africa, where some coaches in the national teams didn’t have qualifications, but Sidat shares how SAFA, through the Technical Director’s office, has done its part to address and improve on this.

"It's great that South Africa is now active with the convention, which we are sure it will not be an issue for South Africa to meet any of the requirements that CAF will set, either for national teams or clubs," he added.

"Because now you can easily organise courses and be part of this compliance matter in terms of coaching."