Bayern Munich's defensive hunt: Fulham's Joao Palhinha in the spotlight

Bayern Munich's defensive hunt: Fulham's Joao Palhinha in the spotlight

Bayern Munich sporting director Christoph Freund has revealed that they continue to closely monitor Fulham's defensive midfielder Joao Palhinha.

"Of course, he's still on our radar. The club worked intensively on Palhinha in the summer. I was there for a bit on the last, strange day of the transfer window. But we can't say yet what will happen. We are generally exploring the market," Freund confirmed to Sport BILD.

Palhinha is rumoured to be just one piece of Bayern Munich's puzzle for the January transfer window, as the club seek to bolster their defensive options. However, the potential deal might hinge on Fulham's asking price. The Bavarians, in need of defensive versatility, appear poised to make strategic investments in their squad. Yet, Palhinha's recent contract extension with Fulham implies that his valuation has surged compared to just a few months ago.

Bayern acknowledge the need for prompt action in the transfer market. The focus extends beyond Palhinha, with Bayern reportedly considering options like Kalvin Phillips, for whom Manchester City demand more than ‚¬49million. Scouts are evaluating various defensive midfield prospects on-site, signalling Bayern's proactive approach as they gear up for the upcoming January transfer window.

In this intricate dance of negotiations, Bayern remain agile, with their eye fixed on defensive reinforcements. The journey involves not only potential bids for Palhinha (ruled out at ‚¬65million) and Phillips but also the ongoing surveillance of other defensive midfield talents.

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