Leon Goretzka ready for Germany action despite lingering hand woes

Leon Goretzka ready for Germany action despite lingering hand woes

German midfielder Leon Goretzka has triumphed over a recent muscle setback, declaring himself fit for the upcoming friendly clash against Turkey.

Goretzka's resurgence follows his commendable return to training on Wednesday, signalling a promising comeback after being sidelined due to a persistent muscle injury.

The resilient midfielder, donned in a steadfast splint, has been overcoming hurdles, including a hand surgery he underwent in October following a Bayern Munich's Bundesliga encounter against Mainz. Goretzka's absence in recent matches have been felt keenly, but his return injects a dose of optimism into the German camp ahead of the crucial fixture.

Addressing the media at a press conference on Wednesday, Goretzka exuded confidence about his physical condition, stating, "I feel good. My hand is fine so far. I'm playing with the splint I wore in the league and in the Champions League. It fits well. It's very clunky and a bit annoying, but it's necessary, so that I could get back into action so early."

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the splint, Goretzka humorously shared, "It's extremely annoying because I tie my shoes very tightly. I haven't found anyone who does it 100 percent. Jo Kimmich has tried it, as has Thomas Muller. But I hope I'll be able to do it myself soon."

The upcoming friendly against Turkey is set to be a test for Germany, and Goretzka's presence, despite the lingering discomfort, adds depth and experience to the squad. The midfielder's ability to adapt and contribute under less-than-ideal circumstances underscores his commitment to the team's success.

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