Ramovic hits back at Pro License jibe

Ramovic hits back at Pro License jibe

TS Galaxy coach Sead Ramovic has hit back at fellow Premier Soccer League (PSL) coaches who have questioned whether having a Pro License – the highest qualification in football – is an absolute necessity.

Chippa United’s Morgan Mammila is the latest to bring up the debate again this year when he accused the media of being lenient on “white” coaches who hold the Uefa Pro License such as Ramovic and his Orlando Pirates counterpart, Jose Riveiro. 

Ramovic finally gets to have his say. 

"I read some of the comments about some of the coaches who are complaining about 'pro licences this one'. We have to understand, I'm really proud about it, about myself that I have this kind of education. It means I fight to increase the chances that I start to be better and better as a coach”, Ramovic responded. 

Last week, Mammila, who is under pressure at Chippa with his side yet to break their six-game winless run, argued his record was better than that of Ramovic and Riveiro. 

The TS Galaxy mentor says there’s clearly a misunderstanding regarding what the top credentials mean. 

"It doesn't have to do with anything (or) that I believe I am a better coach, but I try to educate myself. I try to improve, I try to do every day better than days ago, and I'm proud of it. And if somebody thinks that because you have the Uefa Pro you have to win the league then I think they don't understand anything. 

Because in Europe everyone has to have a Uefa Pro (License) because you cannot be a head coach if you do not have a Uefa Pro License. So tell me then, who should win the league if everyone has a Uefa Pro?", quipped Ramovic 

Ramovic urges all PSL coaches without the highest qualification in the modern game to do themselves justice and pursue getting accredited. 

In August last year, Pitso Mosimane became the first South African coach to receive the Caf Pro License and has subsequently taken up a job in Saudi Arabia.  

"I can only say for everyone that don't have the Uefa Pro, it's a beautiful thing because you'll learn a lot about coaching. But I can only help the players, on the field is the quality of players that win or not. 

If the coach would (help his side), then why does Pep Guardiola buy a player for 100 million? Because the quality is the players, I will never win. I always tell my guys 'if we win games is because of you guys. If we lose games it's because of me'. This will always be", Ramovic exclaimed.