Sean Dyche hopes Everton carry hope from Arsenal win into Merseyside derby

Sean Dyche hopes Everton carry hope from Arsenal win into Merseyside derby

Everton's win over Premier League leaders Arsenal restored some belief in the squad and manager Sean Dyche hopes to be able to carry that into Monday's Merseyside derby.

The Toffees' only victory at Anfield since 1999 came behind closed doors in February 2021 during Covid-19 restrictions and they have just two wins in 22 matches against their near-neighbours.

But the immediate results Dyche's approach brought have strengthened his hand in terms of helping players buy into his methodology.

However, he is experienced enough to know that is only the beginning.

"There is plenty of belief in what we do. It is actually taking action - that is the big thing for me," he said.

"We can all talk and have ideas but when the whistle blows you have to perform. The last one doesn't guarantee the next one.

"There has been a lot of planning gone on this week but the players are aware we have to go again and that has to be a constant mentality throughout the season."

Dyche has relatively-recent experience of winning at Anfield as it was his Burnley side which ended Liverpool's 68-match unbeaten home league record, again behind closed doors in January 2021.

But he knows a Merseyside derby - the 242nd meeting of the two teams - is a different prospect.

"A new experience for me and it is certainly a test. I know about the history of the game: I haven't witnessed it myself but I will be doing shortly," he added.

"It is a bigger version of all derbies. I've played in a few myself at smaller clubs. Burnley v Blackburn is a big one - not as big in terms of the volume of fans but still a meaningful game.

"I grew up through the 70s and 80s knowing about historical games: '84, '85, '86, Liverpool and Everton and all that stuff.

"The finals when the two fans were combined, even though it meant a lot, there was a shared respect. I expect it has changed now with the way life is.

"But my key marker has always been performance levels and parking the noise around it.

"Our job is to focus on the performance and ignore anything which affects our build-up and planning."