Moroka Swallows lawyer sees no way back for Andile Jali

Moroka Swallows lawyer sees no way back for Andile Jali

Moroka Swallows lawyer Leruma Thobejane has said he does not see a way back for midfielder Andile Jali at the club.

The Dube Birds have won round one of their fight with the player, who had his case to claim for monies owed as well as to be reinstated dismissed – with costs – by the PSL Dispute Resolution Chamber [DRC] because it was not urgent.

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Jali can still appeal, but Thobejane told Metro FM he felt the door was closed when he was asked whether there was room for redemption.

''No, I don't see Andile back at Moroka Swallows, because he was dismissed after a disciplinary hearing [DC] , no player has the right to work for Moroka Swallows. So Andile has no right to work for Moroka Swallows,'' said Thobejane.

The former Mamelodi Sundowns player approached the DRC after he was released by Swallows for being part of “an illegal strike” in December when the PSL were forced to cancel two DStv Premiership matches.

Several others were fired by the club too, but were brought back. Why is Jali’s case different, Leruma was asked.

''The parties agreed, the difference between Moroka Swallows and Andile they didn't agree. You can't force somebody to employ you. If you go straight to court when you can speak to people and disagree or agree, even if you had spoken to the club and the club said no - why should he fault them by going to DRC,'' added Thobejane.

Thobejane insisted Jali chose the wrong platform to handle a delicate situation.

''I'm saying even if they spoke and they had a disagreement, you can't force somebody because you spoke and you disagreed.''

''The problem here is that all players that were dismissed, some of them came to apologise without the club approaching them. Everyone is free to do that, you are free to negotiate with your employer, but if your employer is not not interested anymore, why should you force them,'' he concluded.

Jali, 33, now has to reconsider his next step, but the urgency of the matter being dismissed does not mean his case has no merits.

Thobejane said Swallows will be prepared to take him on should they be forced to return to court.