Jude Bellingham shines as Real Madrid sweep Golden honours awards

Jude Bellingham shines as Real Madrid sweep Golden honours awards

Jude Bellingham clinched the prestigious Golden Boy award, presented by 'Tuttosport' to the best player under 21 in European clubs.

The English sensation continues the positive trend for La Liga, following in the footsteps of Pedri in 2021 and Gavi in 2022. Notably, Bellingham made history as the first Real Madrid player to be honoured with this accolade.

The gala also saw joy for the Madrid faithful with Linda Caicedo bagging the 'Golden Girl Absolute Best 2023,' while Barcelona secured awards through Aitana Bonmatí's 'Golden Player Woman 2023' and Lamine Yamal, crowned as 'The Youngest 2023.'

Bellingham's triumph was resounding, securing an overwhelming 485 votes out of 500, setting a new record. Massimo Franchi, the award's creator, handed him the trophy after a two-hour celebration.

Bellingham, visibly delighted, expressed his joy, stating, "I am enjoying the honour of joining this prestigious group of footballers, the Golden Boy winners. I have worked with great players since my beginnings in the Birmingham academy, and it has been a stroke of luck. I have always felt the responsibility to lead the team to victory."

When questioned about being considered the world's best, Bellingham responded humbly, "It's nice to hear, but I don't agree, to be honest. Right now, I am focused on improving with every game."

The Englishman emphasized the pivotal role that joining Real Madrid played in his growth: "It's the best club in the world. It has been a stroke of luck to be able to join there, not everyone gets that chance. Expectations, in a team like the whites and in a national team like England, are always very high. I won't promise anything, but I can say that I will give my all."

Regarding his inspirations, he mentioned a compatriot, saying, "All the past winners had great careers afterward, and many inspired me, although Rooney had the most influence on my childhood. Messi? He's a legend of this game."

Bellingham, who admitted he doesn't know what he would be doing without football, sending a message to the younger generation, said, "I'm not perfect, but the advice I can give is always play with a smile and enjoy football." Notably, the Englishman achieved a rare feat by aligning the votes of 50 journalists and the Tuttosport website, securing not only the 'Golden Boy 2023' but also the 'Golden Boy Web.' With a grin, he thanked those who voted for him, adding, "It will be tricky getting these two awards through airport security, but we'll manage."

The gala marked a historic night for Real Madrid, with Bellingham's triumph solidifying his status as one of the brightest young talents in football, bringing further glory to the prestigious club.

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