Buying PSL status is legal – Marumo Gallants boss Abram Sello

Buying PSL status is legal – Marumo Gallants boss Abram Sello

Marumo Gallants president Abram Sello has defended the decision to purchase the topflight status of Moroka Swallows to claw their way back to the DStv Premiership.

At a press conference held on Tuesday afternoon to answer questions on the recently concluded deal, Sello was prepared for every eventuality.

He says buying a franchise required several boxes to be ticked when asked why Gallants didn’t gain promotion using the traditional method.

"Very ugly question and easy to answer, football has got rules. PSL has got rules, there is nowhere, where you are gonna cross the bridge without following all those rules and regulations. One, you work hard and you get promoted, congratulations to my homeboys Magesi FC for being promoted automatically and this is not the first time it happens,"Sello said.

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Sello is going through the process for the second time having previously bought TTM in January 2021 and renaming the club Marumo Gallants.

Nothing gets approved without the PSL giving the greenlight, he added.

"It's within the rules and I'm not gonna be able to talk on behalf of my legal team and say this is what is happening. It is allowed and it is legal and there are rules as to what you do when it comes to that. It's not the first time it happens with Marumo Gallants. Previously Royal AM, Thanda Royal Zulu, you know the stories, number of teams have done that, so it's not a surprise," he said.

The pharmacist-turned-entrepreneur concluded by saying the PSL clubs were operating on a willing buyer and willing seller model.

"Within the 16 teams of PSL, there is a willing seller and a willing buyer. If you think at that time, I think for now it's okay, let me give it to interested [buyers] and it's at the open space. You could have done it yourself, in any format. We did that with TTM and other clubs also did that and there was no worry about it."