Netball South Africa appoints Jenny Van Dyk as the new head coach

Netball South Africa appoints Jenny Van Dyk as the new head coach

Netball South Africa (NSA) announced Jenny Van Dyk as the new head coach of the Proteas senior national team.

Van Dyk, formerly the Jaguars and Proteas Under-21 head coach, steps into the role vacated by Australia-born coach Norma Plummer, who retired in December.

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After facing setbacks in 2018 due to family matters, Van Dyk embarks on her dream role under a three-year contract, extending until the 2017 World Cup finals in Australia.

Emotions ran high as Van Dyk expressed her profound gratitude, considering her appointment the pinnacle of her coaching journey. Former Proteas captain Zanele Mdodana will serve as her assistant.

''I'm absolutely stoked, I couldn't have asked for something better at this stage. 

''It is something I worked for, for such a long time - but I understand that it is not about me, it's about the team, and I can't wait to start working with the girls,'' said Van Dyk

Van Dyk, although not bestowed with a mandate by Netball SA, is determined to elevate the team’s competitiveness and advance their rankings beyond fifth place during her tenure as head coach.

''The whole idea is to get our team to be highly competitive, we know the team can we win - we just need to stay in it throughout,'' added Van Dyk

During the December tour to Australia, Van Dyk served as an understudy to Plummer. She shared with the national broadcaster that her experience with the veteran Australian mentor was invaluable, as she gleaned significant insights and knowledge from the collaboration.

''I have been following Norma for a longtime, we were allowed to attend all their games. I worked with Norma, she taught us to stop spoon feeding the players and allow them to think for themselves on court, and I have seen the benefits of applying that,'' she concluded.

While Van Dyk did not have a hand in selecting her assistant, Mdodana, who was appointed by Netball SA, she is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with the former Proteas coach.