Netball Proteas assistant coach Dumisani Chauke celebrates with players during Netball World Cup 2023

Dumisani Chauke grateful for Proteas technical team stint

Former SPAR Proteas assistant coach says she’s thankful to have contributed to growing netball in South Africa when she was part of the national team.

Baby Proteas at the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers Africa

How Netball South Africa plans to help Baby Proteas prepare for the 2025 World Cup

Netball South Africa (NSA) President Cecilia Molokwane has confirmed to SABC Sport that the national federation will orchestrate a series of test matches for Spar Baby Proteas to ensure their preparedness for the World Cup.

South African international netball umpire Leonard Masao

International umpire Leonard Masao proud to pave way for others

Leonard Masao is the only black international umpire in Africa and is dedicated to guiding aspiring umpires towards achieving similar success.

Netball World Cup 2023 Press Conference

Why Netball SA chose Malawi as Coach Jenny van Dyk’s debut Test match

Netball South Africa (NSA) President Cecilia Molokwane revealed that Jenifer van Dyk, the newly appointed head coach of the Spar Proteas, has selected Malawi as her debut match in charge.

President of Netball South Africa, Cecilia Molokwane

President of African netball Cecilia Molokwane aims to impart knowledge on hosting tournaments in other countries

President of African netball Cecilia Molokwane says it’s imperative to impart the knowledge of hosting tournaments to other nations across the continent.

Baby Spar Proteas

Spar Baby Proteas continue their Africa World Cup qualifiers' dominance

The Spar Baby Proteas secured their fourth consecutive triumph at the regional African Under-21 netball World Cup qualifier, held at the University of Pretoria on Tuesday.