Khotso Mokoena advises Luvo Manyonga to change careers

Khotso Mokoena advises Luvo Manyonga to change careers

South African long jump legend Khotso Mokoena is doubtful of Luvo Manyonga’s return to the sport following his four-year ban that ends in December 2024.

Manyonga was slapped with a ban for failing to take a mandatory drug test in 2019, and Mokoena, now the chairperson of the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee’s (SASCOC) Athletes Commission, believes the 33-year-old should not return to compete.

Instead, he suggests Manyonga could contribute in a different capacity, such as a coach or motivational speaker for current and future athletes.

"The last time was in January, or maybe late December, when he gave me a call and told me he wants to start coaching, and asked what are the channels," shared Mokoena.

"Obviously, with us as the Athletes Commission, we want to work with guys like Luvo to be the voice helping young athletes understand what not to do, and the education of anti-doping and staying clean – it's very important to keep those kinds of education.

"We want to use athletes like Luvo, but obviously after their [ban] term has been served, because we obviously can't do that while they are still serving.

"So that's when I last spoke to him, and I think he's really positive in terms of coming back and assisting within the community of sports, and I think that's where he should be."

Mokoena believes age is a crucial factor in long jump, and, at 33, Manyonga may struggle to make a comeback following his prolonged absence.

"I don't know if he's training where he is. I don't know if – you know, when you get older, jumping becomes more difficult – that's the problem with long jump," he added.

"But triple jump actually becomes a little bit easier as you get older, in fact, you improve as you get older."

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