Jaguars coach confident in Crinums performance analysis ahead of TNL final

Jaguars coach confident in Crinums performance analysis ahead of TNL final

Gauteng Jaguars coach Rozanne Matthyse is confident in her thorough performance analysis of the Free State Crinums ahead of the 2024 Telkom Netball League Division A final.

The Jags look forward to playing their 11th final in the domestic league after securing their spot through a tightly contested 48-46 win over the Southern Stings at Ellis Park Arena in Johannesburg on Monday.

Matthyse has been hard at work analysing not only their opposition, but her own charges' performances in order to fine tune their game-plan to overcome the Crinums for a second time this season.

"Ahead of the finals, we've got a off day and will be doing a little bit of recovery, and then we'll get back to the analysis and seeing where we went wrong, and where they went wrong," said Matthyse.

"We'll also see what worked for us, and then look at their match from yesterday, so it's a lot of analysis that I've already done and we need to do as a team still.

"And then we'll set out that killer game plan going into tomorrow's match. We've played against them twice already – in the first game we started so slow, we were eight [points] down and ended up in a draw, and in the second encounter we beat them.

"So we're definitely going back to those matches again to just see – I like to analyse players as well to see where their strengths are and how we can make sure they don't utilise those."

Matthyse is happy to have avoided a Gauteng derby against the Golden Fireballs, and looks forward to the much-anticipated contest against the Free State outfit.

"I'm happy that we're playing the Crinums, I think having another Gauteng derby – we've had two already, it's just an emotional game and I don't know why, but it's such a huge hype and a tremendously physical game against the Fireballs," she added.

"The Crinums play a little bit more structured game, so I'm looking forward to it."

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