SuperSport crack sponsorship code in tough times

SuperSport crack sponsorship code in tough times

With Premier Soccer League (PSL) clubs constantly trying to find ways to bring more sponsors on board, SuperSport United appear to have cracked the code.

There have been unfounded rumours of the club being up for sale and these reports pointed to a lack of funding, but Chief Executive Stan Matthews has revealed how they are achieving internal targets to attract more partners. 

Matsatsantsa last week announced iKhokha on a sleeve deal just a month after agreeing on terms with Jonsson Workwear. 

"We set it as a goal for ourselves over the past year to make sure that we bring some more sponsors on board. The obvious place to start was the front of the shirt which is the biggest sponsorship that you can sell. 

And Johnson Workwear was a great addition for us. That left us still with the sleeve spot, as the second most visible item in terms of the first team and the Diski Challenge team", he said. 

However, this is just the beginning of the club's ambition. Several other projects are in the pipeline, according to Matthews. 

"We've filled the two biggest sponsorship slots that there are on the jersey, and we're very excited and happy about that. And now there are a few other categories of sponsorship that we are still in the market for. We hoping to close up an academy sponsor in the next couple of months. We are going to be bringing in a technology partner on board”, Matthews revealed. 

It’s no secret that financial muscle goes a long way in making any team competitive, and Matthews is adamant the recent developments will come with stability. 

"We've definitely have made it an objective in the club to be a little bit more aggressive in those sponsorship model spaces, to try and give us that little boost to be able to be more competitive on the field. 

[To] be able to have two or three, maybe four, marque type of players down the spine of the team, and then blend that with what we think is some of the most promising young talents in the country”.