Vinicius Junior injury reveals Real Madrid offensive vulnerabilities

Vinicius Junior injury reveals Real Madrid offensive vulnerabilities

In a strategic move prompted by Vinicius Junior's injury, Real Madrid's board are contemplating reinforcing their forward line in January.

According to SPORT journalist Alejandro Alcazar, Carlo Ancelotti's squad were initially warned about the limitations in attack, boasting only three key players. Vinicius' injury exposed this vulnerability in a team aspiring to triumph in all four competitions.

Vinicius is set to be sidelined for two and a half months, with a projected return in mid to late January if the recovery follows the anticipated timeline. The team face their first title challenge of the season in the Spanish Supercopa, held in Saudi Arabia from January 10 to 14. Vinicius is expected to make a tight return to the tournament, leaving the Whites to play nine matches without him, risking potential injuries to Joselu or Rodrygo.

Given these circumstances, the club are considering the wisdom of bolstering their attack through a potential signing or loan. However, they are aware that securing a top-tier player during this period is a formidable task. Prospective players, including German striker Timo Werner, are beginning to surface as potential targets. Werner, currently with Leipzig, has not showcased his best form since returning to the Bundesliga from Chelsea.

The need for offensive reinforcement is not a recent development but an issue that has persisted since the start of the season. With Vinicius sidelined, the spotlight now falls on the Brazilian Joselu, who will assume a more prominent role. Despite being a veteran, Joselu has exceeded expectations by scoring goals and contributing to the attack. However, his individual efforts may not be sufficient for a team that relied on Jude Bellingham's goals and Vinicius' rescues when the Englishman was injured.

Real Madrid face a critical juncture, considering their offensive shortcomings and the challenging path ahead without Vinicius. The upcoming transfer window poses a complex task for the club's leadership as they explore options to fortify their attacking prowess and maintain competitiveness in multiple competitions.

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