Atletico Madrid set to secure Moise Kean from Juventus on loan

Atletico Madrid set to secure Moise Kean from Juventus on loan

Moise Kean is set to become an Atletico Madrid player, with the ink on his contract expected to dry in the coming hours.

The Italian striker, 23, witnessed his future teammates' prowess at the Metropolitana Stadium as Atletico cruised to a 2-0 victory over Valencia in La Liga on Sunday night.

Kean's transfer to the Spanish capital is imminent, with routine medicals scheduled for Monday, sealing a six-month deal. However, the arrangement between Juventus and Atletico Madrid has a unique twist - a dry loan formula that leaves Kean's fate hanging in the balance.

Juventus, though, are not merely bystanders in this transaction. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the Serie A giants have a strategic plan for the summer. The contingency plan hinges on Kean's willingness to extend his contract upon his return from the loan spell in Spain.

The 23-year-old striker, initially a product of Juventus' youth academy, currently holds a contract with the Old Lady, valid until 2025. Juventus, wary of retaining a player on an expiring deal, will opt to sell Kean if a contract extension does not materialize.

Should the situation unfold in this manner, Atletico Madrid might find themselves in pole position to secure Kean's services permanently. The outcome of Kean's performance during his brief loan spell could play a pivotal role in determining the next chapter of his career.

Kean's football journey has been a roller-coaster, marked by his breakthrough in 2019, a subsequent move to Everton, and a dramatic return to Juventus in 2021 as a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. However, this season has seen Kean face adversity in front of goal, with VAR decisions denying him the joy of finding the back of the net.

As the transfer saga unfolds, it will be interesting to see the next chapter in Moise Kean's career, with Atletico Madrid or Juventus.

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