Siya Kolisi hooks up with good friend Jurgen Klopp, meets NFL star Patrick Mahomes

Siya Kolisi hooks up with good friend Jurgen Klopp, meets NFL star Patrick Mahomes

Springbok captain Siya Kolisi rubbed shoulders with his friend and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp this week while he also met Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The trio were in attendance at an Adidas event in Germany this week, with Kolisi sharing pictures on his Instagram account, which have gone viral on all social media platforms.

While this is likely to be the first time that the Bok captain has met Mahomes, he and Klopp became friends after a chance encounter in Cape Town and keep in contact, as Kolisi has revealed, and have done promotions together.

The Bok skipper is a well-known Liverpool fan and visited Anfield after winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Understandably, fans have reacted positively to the pictures that Kolisi has shared, but some of the replies have also included the usual banter and comical twists.

"Patrick Mahomes posing for a photo with an actual world champion," one reply read, referencing the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback meeting Kolisi with Americans often crowning NBA and NFL champions as 'world champions'.

One thing that did surprise rugby fans was the size of Mahomes who is a similar build to Kolisi.

Thala Msutu remarked: "American sports persons are insane. How is Patrick Mahomes as big as a World Cup-winning flanker??"

While Paul Williams added: "Look how big Mahomes is. I had no idea."

But the bromance of Kolisi and Klopp was undoubtedly the winner among the fans, particularly Springbok supporters.

"They look like they just got married (left) and are on honeymoon in a foreign country (right)," one fan remarked.

Another added: "This is the most wholesome thing I saw yesterday. I see Adidas is working on some Klopp x Kolisi content for us once again."

Kolisi has often spoken about his love for Liverpool and his bromance with Klopp and did so in a recent interview with Jim Hamilton on the The Big Jim Show

Hamilton was questioning Kolisi about the big-name celebs and sportspersons who reached out to him to congratulate him on winning the World Cup for a second time.

"Jurgen is a friend now," the Bok skipper said after confirming that the outgoing Liverpool boss messaged him.

"He is a good friend, he is supportive and is always messaging me, he is a special human being. So chilled."

Kolisi went on to explain how he first met Klopp by chance in a restaurant in Cape Town back in 2019.

"I met him in Cape Town after the 2019 World Cup; it was random," he added.

"I was in a restaurant with my friends, and I saw him walk to the bathroom. I went outside the bathroom, and I waited for him outside the door.

"He came out, and I called Mike, his agent now, who worked at Adidas, and I said 'Coach is here, can you speak to him?'

"He came out of the bathroom, and I said, 'Sorry, can you speak?' and I gave him the phone. He started speaking in German and started laughing, and then he was like, 'Dude, I know who you are. Me and my team watched you in the World Cup final,' because obviously we [Springboks] played England.

"Then he came to my table, brought his whole table inside with us for like 40 minutes, and we were just talking, and he invited me to a game two weeks later. I went to Liverpool, met him, and then we just started talking."

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