Middle-distance runner Mathews Leeto sets a target of sub-28 minutes at 10km

Middle-distance runner Mathews Leeto sets a target of sub-28 minutes at 10km

South Africa’s middle-distance runner Mathews Leeto has set his sights on breaking the sub-28-minute barrier in the 10km events this season.

Competing under the banner of the Hollywood Athletics Club, the dedicated 34-year-old athlete plans to participate in numerous 10km races nationwide, including the Absa Run Your City 10km series.

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His personal best stands at 28 minutes and 25 seconds, and he attained 28:45 seconds during the Durban Summer 10km City race, where he clinched a sixth-place finish last year in one of his best finishes last season.

“I currently hold a personal best of 61 minutes and 35 seconds in the half marathon. With thorough preparation and unwavering focus, I aspire to break the sub-60-minute barrier, a goal I’m earnestly striving for. As for the marathon, my personal best stands at 2 hours and 15 minutes.’’

 “I’m relatively new to the 42.2km distance but aspire to carve out a prominent reputation in the field. However, I won’t burden myself with excessive pressure in this event as I’m still exploring my capabilities. I aim to continuously enhance my previous achievements, without letting monetary concerns overshadow my passion for the sport,” Leeto conveyed to the national broadcaster.

Leeto intends to compete in the Athletics South Africa (ASA) cross-country event, where he achieved a fourth-place finish in 2022.

Additionally, he has his sights on participating in the national half-marathon championships and various 10km races throughout the country. Later in the year, he plans to tackle the renowned Cape Town Marathon.

Leeto, currently without employment, depends on the monthly stipend provided by the Athletics Club and the earnings from races to sustain himself.

 “I dedicate myself to training three times a day and prioritize maintaining my physical well-being. Without my body functioning at its best, I wouldn’t be able to earn a livelihood to provide for my family,” he emphasized.