Fireballs out to end Jaguars' unbeaten run in the TNL Gauteng derby

Fireballs out to end Jaguars' unbeaten run in the TNL Gauteng derby

Gauteng Golden Fireballs coach Dr. Elsje Jordaan insists they will end Gauteng Jaguars' unbeaten run in the Telkom Netball League this weekend.

The Jaguars hold the record as the most decorated team in the TNL, boasting six championships and four cup final appearances since the league’s inception in 2022.

They are consistently the team to beat, drawing extra motivation from every opponent they face.  

The rivalry matches between the Jaguars and the Gauteng Golden Fireballs, particularly in the Gauteng derby are especially intense.

The upcoming clash at Ellis Park Arena this Saturday at 6 pm, promises to be the highlight of the league’s first week.

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The Jaguars, leading the standings with nine points from an unbeaten five-match streak, will face the third-place Fireballs, who have eight points.

This match transcends the mere two points at stake; the Fireballs are eager to half the Fireballs' undefeated streak in the league.

Fireballs coach Dr. Elsje Jordaan, who won the league title with a famous cup final win over the Jaguars in the cup final derby in her first year in charge in 2022, has managed three wins out of seven against their arch-rivals.

She is looking forward to another derby win this weekend. “Derbies are always exciting and the two teams play for pride rather than the two points at stake. We look forward to the derby and are determined to win and end their winning run. We entered into a rhythm and understood each other as a team. The Jaguars are the favourites to win the derby as they have not lost and are the most successful team. But nobody cares about forms and achievements in the derby. The best team on the day wins the derby,” said Jordaan during her interview with SABC Sport.   

In 2022, she secured the title, earning a bronze medal despite being ousted by the Jaguars in last year’s semi-finals. Now, she aims to reclaim the championships from them this year.   

Meanwhile, despite drawing with the Free State Crinum, Jaguars coach Rozzane Matthyse has identified Fireballs as her biggest threat in the competition. “The Fireballs brings out the best out of the Jaguars. We love the derby and there is the bragging rights to play for. The derbies are exciting and the players produce their best, we hate to lose the derby but we will do our best to win it. There are no favourites in the derby and the form does not count. This is the game we have been waiting for to test ourselves as to how far we can go in the competition,” Matthyse told the national broadcaster.