Cape Town Tigers going for an all-out win in BAL Season 4 opener

Cape Town Tigers going for an all-out win in BAL Season 4 opener

The Basketball Africa League (BAL) Kalahari Conference makes its debut on South African soil this evening and South African representatives Cape Town Tigers believe that the best way for this tip-off is a home victory.

Tigers play Burundian side Dynamo Basketball Club in their opening game at the Sunbet Arena at 7 pm later today.

The team’s CEO and founder Raphael Edwards says this first weekend is all about detailed preparation.

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"Well, the opening weekend, we're gonna prepare like we do all the time, 90% focus on us. We're gonna make sure we're detailed and we're disciplined in doing the things that we do. Then we'll start looking at the teams that we are preparing for, the new pieces and additions they've added and then go from there," Edwards said.

"I think this season we have more of a free flowing offense, a free flowing system. I think coach Florsheim [Ngwenya], in our coaching style and my coaching style allows the guys to be more creative and more confident. So, we're hoping that shows itself on the court."

This will not be the first meeting between Tigers and Dynamo Basketball Club, the two teams met in the Road to BAL tournament towards the end of last year and captain Lebesa Selepe says they know what to expect.

"My opening game is gonna be one of interest, we play against Dynamo Burundi which is a team that we played in the road to BAL in November, so, we know each other very well. They have one of our former players Dhieu Deing, who's from South Sudan. So, they're a team that's gonna bring it. Playing against Burundi is not easy but it's a game that we know that we have to be fully prepared for it. We're going to do our scouting report, we're gonna be well prepared," Selepe said.