Xavi: Taking criticism is normal for any Barcelona manager

Xavi: Taking criticism is normal for any Barcelona manager

Barcelona boss Xavi insists he doesn't mind the criticism aimed at him and the club because that's part of the job.

The Catalans lost 2-1 at home against arch-rivals Real Madrid in El Clasico last weekend. Xavi was satisfied with his side's performance overall, but the media has not been as positive.

Many claimed that Xavi should've been more disappointed with the result and display, but he remains unfazed nonetheless.

"This is Barca. Barca is this, if we play well, we look at the result... if we win 3-0 it could be 5... it is a cultural issue of the Catalans: we always want excellence. And this is not always It is possible. This is a sport," said Xavi.

"Sometimes you are not always a 10. We will seek excellence, but this is a process. Every week there is a grade. This week we are a 3 and maybe another week is an 8. Well, we're not as good, nor as bad.

"I don't allow room for complacency. I demand. There is criticism, but this is Barca. Being the Barca coach, it's hard for everyone to like you. I'm not angry."

"I know where I am. I'm happy, I'm happy. I'm not angry. I'm happy, we're on the right path... there are bumps in the season... and you have to manage it as a coach. I don't see a problem.

"They are important challenges. I feel the team are capable of managing the situation, it's only four points to the leaders of the league. At least it wasn't a Champions League knockout."

Barca will face Real Sociedad for an away game on Saturday.

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