Xavi Hernandez's tactical mastery guides Barcelona to victory over Alaves

Xavi Hernandez's tactical mastery guides Barcelona to victory over Alaves

Barcelona showcased resilience under coach Xavi Hernandez's guidance, clinching a crucial 2-1 win against Alaves on Sunday.

This triumph comes on the heels of a midweek setback against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League.

Speaking candidly to BarçaTV+, Xavi dissected the match, addressing the team's challenges, defensive lapses, and praising standout performers, notably Robert Lewandowski.

Acknowledging the positional hurdles faced during the game, Xavi stated, "Positionally we weren't bad, but we suffered a lot with lost possessions and transitions, especially with Samu."

Despite the hurdles, Xavi lauded the team's attitude, emphasizing, "We are not in our best moment, but we showed our attitude to win a match that was going badly for us."

Addressing defensive lapses, Xavi admitted, "We're giving away ridiculous and unacceptable goals this season. It's the reason why we have fewer points compared to last season."

However, he singled out Ronald Araujo for praise, hailing him as the team's "best individual defensive player."

The spotlight was also on Robert Lewandowski, who scored a crucial brace. Xavi highlighted Lewandowski's consistency, noting, "Lewandowski is always there for us. We have one of the best strikers in the world."

Looking ahead, Xavi expressed the need for a break during the international period, saying, "The international break will be good for us to reconnect, think things through, and improve. I'm clear that we will improve."

Delving into tactical insights, Xavi explained, "The team played well for around 35 minutes in the second half. We were organized, playing vertically with Ronald up top."

Xavi also addressed the external pressures affecting the team, stating, "The criticism from the press affects the footballers, and they don't play well."

Despite the challenges, Xavi expressed satisfaction with the result, saying, "I evaluate the match very positively. We were able to win the match after a bad start, and that has a lot of merit."

Acknowledging the current negative atmosphere, Xavi said, "We're in a bad moment, but even like that, we managed to win a match, and that has a lot of merit."

Highlighting the impact on the players, Xavi added, "The negativity around the team and the criticism is affecting my players, especially the youngsters."

Ending on a positive note, Xavi emphasized the importance of maintaining the right mentality, stating, "We have to demand more from the footballers so that they give their best version. They have been able to get the courage necessary to win when things were not going well, and that is also very important."

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