Man City forward Erling Haaland 'annoyed' by football's throw-in rules

Man City forward Erling Haaland 'annoyed' by football's throw-in rules

Manchester City's star striker Erling Haaland has voiced his frustration with the current rules surrounding throw-ins in football.

Haaland's annoyance with the existing laws came to light when he was asked about potential changes he would implement in the game. 

The Norwegian forward pointed to the complexity of the current rules, particularly citing instances where City experienced frustration with foul throw decisions during their Premier League clash against Luton in December. In that match, Bernardo Silva was penalised for a foul throw without clear justification, sparking discontent within the team.

Proposing a simplification of the rules, Haaland suggested that as long as a player has both hands on the ball, they should be permitted to execute the throw-in in any manner they choose. 

However, he also emphasised the importance of setting boundaries to prevent players from exploiting the freedom, suggesting limits on how far a player can advance up the pitch and imposing regulations on the speed at which the throw-in must be taken.

"What annoys me is the throw-ins," he said on the Man City podcast. 

"If you throw like this or this or whatever, it doesn't matter. Just have two hands on the ball and throw the ball. I don't know the rules even, but if you throw down or up it doesn't matter!

"I'd change that - just have two hands on the ball. We will see what happens in the future but you need a certain time limit to take throw-ins and you cannot take too many metres - just give a mark and you can only go there."

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