Lyon and AC Milan in the hunt for Chelsea's Christian Pulisic

Lyon and AC Milan in the hunt for Chelsea's Christian Pulisic

AC Milan and Lyon have reportedly both made offers for Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic, whose contract is set to expire next year.

With Chelsea aiming to raise their summer sales to around £300m after already surpassing £200m, Pulisic is among the players allowed to leave.

While teams from Germany, Spain, and Turkey have shown interest in the 24-year-old, Milan and Lyon have taken the initial steps by engaging in formal negotiations with Chelsea.

Milan, in particular, have been actively pursuing Pulisic and believe he would prefer a move to the San Siro. Milan values Pulisic's Croatian passport, which would not require one of their limited non-EU player spots in the squad.

Pulisic himself has expressed his desire for a fresh start, stating that he aims to rediscover his joy on the field.

Chelsea, who initially paid £58m to sign him from Borussia Dortmund in 2019, is expected to incur a significant loss on the potential transfer.

"I need to figure out what™s going to be best for my future and be somewhere where I can go and play and be trusted and feel good in what I™m doing," Pulisic told ESPN.

"I want to find that joy at a club level again, for sure."