EXCLUSIVE: Royal AM face FIFA ban following Samir Nurkovic request

EXCLUSIVE: Royal AM face FIFA ban following Samir Nurkovic request

SABC Sport can exclusively reveal striker Samir Nurkovic has now formally made a request to FIFA to charge Royal AM.

The expected outcome is a transfer ban, which the world football governing body will implement on the back of their decision to order the Durban-based club to pay Nurkovic R12-million for prematurely terminating his contract last year. 

Nurkovic, currently a free agent, joined Royal AM nearly 12 months ago from Kaizer Chiefs on a two-year deal. 

But three months later he was on his way out, with his lawyer Davor Lazic informing the public broadcaster his client had not been paid a cent in that period and subsequently referred the matter to FIFA. 

Through their lawyer, Leruma Thobejane, Royal AM have disputed their ex-player's version of events and have also ignored the 19 June deadline to transfer the payment to put the saga behind them. 

“In conclusion, having in mind all the above and especially taking into account the disrespect of the FIFA decision and following public appearances of the club's representative/attorney, I hereby inform the public that today, on 30 June 2023, Samir Nurkovic submitted the Request to Open Disciplinary Proceedings against FC Royal AM before FIFA Disciplinary Committee for failing to comply with the decision requesting to implement the sanctions immediately upon notification by FIFA,” read a statement from Lazic sent to SABC Sport.  

For some time now, and consistently so, Royal AM have argued Nurkovic reported for duty just once in July and his only appearance for the club was a friendly game in the Macufe Cup a month later. 

Thobejane also told the public broadcaster they had a “strong case” and would be approaching the Court of Arbitration for Sport [CAS] to argue FIFA were biased towards Nurkovic throughout the proceedings. 

He said Lazic received the ruling 19 days prior and this gave Nurkovic the advantage as the Premier Soccer League side could not appeal the decision. 

“Recent allegations from the club’s representative, which appeared in the media between 21 – 28 June 2023, according to which Royal AM Football Club allegedly was not served with FIFA's decision on 3 May 2023, but rather on 22 May 2023, are simply offensive,” Lazic insisted. 

“Further allegations that the decision was not delivered by email have no impact at the case in hand and no basis in FIFA rules since the only possible delivery from 1 May 2023 is exclusively through FIFA Legal Portal. The Portal must be used for any proceedings before the relevant FIFA decision-making or judicial body, including the notification of decisions.

"The proceedings are exclusively conducted via the Portal. Any submission including the decision in question can only be delivered and was delivered to Royal AM and to Samir Nurkovic, through the same FIFA Legal Portal at the very same time.

"Ignorance of the law and missing the deadlines by any of the parties to request the grounds for the decision and subsequently to hypothetically file an appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport is no excuse. It is not and cannot be the responsibility of FIFA – quite the opposite, it is the responsibility of the parties and its representatives.”