Barcelona's quest for a new coach: Deco's insights and expectations

Barcelona's quest for a new coach: Deco's insights and expectations

Barcelona sporting director Deco expressed surprise at Xavi Hernandez's sudden resignation, revealing they had hoped for his continuation for another two years.

In an interview with La Vanguardia, Deco disclosed Xavi's preference for a shorter contract, stating, "The president always wanted to be with him until the end of his term. It was Xavi who from the beginning wanted a shorter contract. He told us: 'If I don't win, I don't think I will continue'." This revelation sheds light on Xavi's mindset and decision-making process.

While rumours linked Jurgen Klopp and Thiago Motta to the vacant head coach position, Deco remained cautious, emphasizing the need to focus on the club's future direction before considering potential candidates. "The new coach will want to make changes, but first the project and the ideas will have to be explained to him. There are many options," Deco remarked.

Regarding the desired qualities in the new coach, Deco highlighted the importance of continuity in Barcelona's style of play, emphasizing a commitment to possession-based football. "Whoever comes has to have ambition and hunger to do great things. And know where they come from," he asserted, indicating the club's desire for a coach who aligns with Barcelona's footballing philosophy.

Deco's statements contradicted earlier reports suggesting Barcelona had prepared a contingency plan for Xavi's potential departure. While names like Rafael Marquez surfaced as potential interim solutions, the club appear focused on assessing their options thoroughly before making any decisions.

As Barcelona navigate the aftermath of Xavi's resignation, Deco's insights provide a glimpse into the club's approach to finding a new leader. With the coaching search underway, Barcelona remain committed to maintaining their footballing identity while seeking a coach capable of guiding the team to success.

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