Barcelona's coach hunt: Who's in and who's out?

Barcelona's coach hunt: Who's in and who's out?

FC Barcelona have conducted an analysis of the coaching market, driven by necessity and the availability of prestigious candidates amidst the current circumstances.

However, according to a report by Mundo Deportivo, several top-tier coaches who were initially considered contenders to replace Xavi Hernandez have fallen out of the race for the position, each for various reasons.

One of the coaches who has seen his stock decline within the Barcelona ranks is the Italian, Roberto De Zerbi. Currently coaching Brighton, De Zerbi is renowned for his bold and offensive tactics, particularly his team's adeptness at ball retention and imaginative build-up play despite facing high-pressure opponents. 

However, factors such as his lack of experience at top-tier clubs and a release clause ranging from ‚¬10 to ‚¬25 million have counted against him.

Another candidate who has lost momentum in the final stretch is Mikel Arteta. Despite his ties to Barcelona as a former player, prying him away from Arsenal would prove challenging due to his contract running until 2025. Additionally, Barcelona appear to lean towards a coach with more experience or a deeper understanding of the club's recent dynamics.

Thomas Tuchel's name has also circulated in Barcelona's discussions. His impending departure from Bayern Munich and representation by Pini Zahavi put him in the market. However, concerns linger over his recent inconsistency and somewhat volatile temperament, qualities that might not sit well under the intense pressure typically experienced at Barcelona.

Coaching Barcelona demands significant expertise, an attribute believed to be lacking even in a tactical maestro like Julian Nagelsmann, who, following a less-than-stellar stint at Bayern Munich, is currently at the helm of the German national team leading up to the upcoming Euro tournament. 

As for veteran coach Jurgen Klopp, his departure from Liverpool, weary of constant pressure, was not even considered a possibility for Barcelona, precisely due to this reason.

As the hunt for Barcelona's next coach intensifies, the club must weigh each candidate's strengths and weaknesses carefully to ensure they find the right fit to lead them forward.

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