Bulls boss Jake White slams SA Rugby over Champions Cup travel arrangements

Bulls boss Jake White slams SA Rugby over Champions Cup travel arrangements

Bulls boss Jake White took aim at SA Rugby following his side's victory over Lyon in the Champions Cup on Saturday.

The Pretoria outfit thrashed the French side 59-19 to make the quarter-finals of the competition for the first time ever.

They then had to wait for Sunday's result between Northampton Saints and Munster to find out whether they would need to make the trip to England to face the Saints or stay at home to host Munster.

But speaking after his side's victory, White expressed frustration with the fact that travel arrangements had not yet been made for a possible Northampton win, which - as it happened - was precisely what transpired when the Saints defeated Munster 24-14.

White joked that he would have to become a Munster supporter and hope his side does not have to travel.

"I am going to wear red the whole day [on Sunday], especially because I haven't got any travel arrangements from SA Rugby," said the former World Cup-winning Spingbok coach.

"Last time we went to Leinster we had to travel on eight different aeroplanes and I suppose it is going to be the same.

"I haven't got any flight details yet, so either they [SA Rugby] didn't think we were going to win or they waited for the last minute to book those flights."

White cheekily suggested that SA Rugby would be supporting Munster on Sunday, as a triumph by the Irish side wouldn't leave them "exposed."

"It's frustrating, it's really frustrating. SA Rugby are probably shouting for Munster because then they won't be exposed on flights out of here," he said.

The Bulls boss then explained the logistical difficulties in booking flights on a quick turnaround when they haven't been prearranged.

White said: "Who books a holiday or travels abroad on a Sunday night when you want to leave that week to go to a game with 40 people?

"So yes, it's Munster (we're supporting) because we stay at home and more importantly there will be no eight aeroplanes flying people around the world to arrive at a destination via different places with different buses picking a team up when you are playing what is probably our biggest game this year.

"It can be direct flights if there are seats available, but if you wait until Sunday night and expect to take 40 guys to London, it's highly unlikely you are going to get it."

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