Legalities aside, Ntlanganiso now focused on Boxing SA programmes

Legalities aside, Ntlanganiso now focused on Boxing SA programmes

With all the dust having settled in legal wranglings between boxing authorities in the country, Boxing South Africa (BSA) Accounting Authority Mandla Ntlanganiso says now the show must go on.

Earlier this week the National Professional Boxing Promoters Association’s (NPBPA) application to declare the appointment of Ntlanganiso by Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture Zizi Kodwa invalid and irregular was dismissed with costs at the Gauteng North High Court in Pretoria.

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This opens the door for Ntlanganiso to now finally focus on running boxing programmes and that’s what they are focused on doing.

''Really welcome the judgement  by the Pretoria High Court to dismiss this application with cost by the so-called promoters association, we have now closed this matter and boxing is going back to its normal place. 

''Soon the minister will be appointing the board, however in the meantime the work of boxing is continuing. As appointed as an Accounting Authority, I am trying my best to make sure that there's continuity and stability within the boxing sector,'' said Ntlanganiso.

Ntlanganiso, originally a Director of Operations at BSA, was suspended by the previous BSA board but brought back by the board that Kodwa appointed towards the end of November last year.

That board only lasted a day in office, and it was interdicted by NPBPA, but they had already reinstated Ntlanganiso as the Acting CEO by then. Ntlanganiso says they never dropped the ball since this whole stalemate started.

''Since my appointment I can safely say that we have got about three world champions, in Sive Nontshinga, Jackson Chauke and in Malajika. Imagine if we had allowed the stalemate to stagnate things?,'' he added.

A former BSA board member himself, Ntlanganiso says they have started to roll up their sleeves, starting with the applications for the boxing licenses which are closing later next week.

  The Mdantsane born sporting administrator has also revealed that to improve the battered image of the sport, BSA is organizing “The Year of the Boxing Glove” Symposium” on the 26th of this month and Ntlanganiso says here, they plan to focus on the commercial side of the sport with industry experts.