Zizi Kodwa - I'm not throwing in the towel

Zizi Kodwa - I'm not throwing in the towel

Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture Zizi Kodwa has denied that his notice of withdrawal to oppose the court challenge of the National Professional Boxing Promoters Association (NPBPA) means that he was throwing in the towel in the fight to defend the appointment of the new Boxing South Africa (BSA) board.

Speaking on Radio 2000’s Game On sport show with Thabiso Mosia this past week, Kodwa says the decision to start the process of appointing the new BSA board is to avoid a long protracted legal battle.

He says according to the legal advice they sought, this matter could have been dragged up to August this year.

"My interest is that having heard all the legal opinions that I had to listen to, it's that, Mr Kodwa correct as you may be, if you want to make sure that there's stability in boxing this part b in terms of the substantive issues you're raising is likely to be between now and August and therefore it may not actually be intended," Kodwa said.

"Eventually in the interest of sports a notice of withdrawal does not mean that we are, in fact on the substantive matters of part b we are admitting but for the sake of making progress in sports so that ultimately whether it's this administration or the next administration, we need to sit boxing on its feet. 

"So, it's not throwing the towel but it's in the interest of avoiding a long protracted legal process which is estimated to be between now and August. I think that for me is too much of a time, if you want to stabilise this important sport."

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After Kodwa had appointed the new BSA board late in November, the NPBPA led by its Chairman Ayanda Matiti challenged his decision on the basis of consultation.

They successfully interdicted the new board from assuming office on the 12th of December last year.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Sport confirmed to SABC Sport they are restarting the process of appointing the board and confirmed a road map that will culminate on the 15th of May this year.

Kodwa says they will consult efficiently this time around but still the decision to appoint still rests with him.

"No, that is part B, I mean we are not even talking about part B, consulted but if that were to be ventilated in court, the issues in that part B were to take between now and August and you must remember we are not guaranteed even the outcomes of part B. “Maybe one of the affected parties want to appeal the outcome, it may go until the end of the year and I think in the interest of all associations that are involved in the fraternity, I think we'll continue to talk to them and consult them and say, this is what the Minister has done, we are making a public call and we want to shorten this period so that whatever consultation in terms of what is in part B, we'll make sure that we consult sufficiently. We consult about their submission, we consult about the names but ultimately as you know, it is a derogative and the decision of the Minister to make at the end, that decision, unfortunately."