Sivenathi Notshinga dreaming bigger after receiving second IBF belt

Sivenathi Notshinga dreaming bigger after receiving second IBF belt

After receiving his second IBF junior-flyweight world title belt on Thursday, Africa’s only credible world boxing champion Sivenathi “Special One” Nontshinga says his best is yet to come.

Nontshinga received his belt from IBF Africa representative Andre De Vries at his base Hotbox Gym under No Doubt Management after he regained his title by beating Mexico’s Adrian Curiel in an immediate re-match in November last year.

Nontshinga says his dream of fighting in a unification world title fight now feels even closer.

"It's such a great experience, being crowned two-time world champion, after losing the title and immediately getting it [back] in a re-match and then you win," said Nontshinga.

"So, as you know, I'm the first person to ever do that, as I did to become the youngest world champion in our country, so now the marathon continues – that's what I always say.

"I believe life is a marathon, and a lot of things are still coming – I want more. This is not the end, I want more titles, I want more belts to become an undisputed champion."

Nontshinga’s trainer and manager Colin Nathan, who has now produced five IBF world titles for South African fighters, says this is a proud moment for the country amid all it’s going through boxing-wise.

"I'm very proud and it's just such a great, historical moment for South African boxing, when a South African like Sive becomes the first South African to reclaim his championship, and doing so in an immediate re-match after getting knocked out in devastating fashion," said Nathan.

"But we made right, we got the immediate re-match and it's just incredible. So, when the belt arrived, it's been in my office for a few weeks now, Sive was obviously just enjoying his time in East London with friends and family, so it's just an amazing accomplishment.

"I'm so glad to be part of this journey, and also to help him to fulfil one of his dreams – now his second dream – of becoming a two-time world champion."

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