SASCOC board should continue for four more years - Sam Ramsamy

SASCOC board should continue for four more years - Sam Ramsamy

Highly experienced South African sports administrator Dr. Sam Ramsamy has backed the current South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) board for re-election.

Post the upcoming 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in September, the various sports federations will convene to elect new leadership for SASCOC.

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In an interview with SABC Sport, Ramsamy emphasised the adage of not fixing what isn’t broken and advocates for the continuity of the current board to guide the national Olympic organisation for another four-year term.

"I anticipate minimal changes in the upcoming elections. The board has demonstrated exceptional performance in attracting sponsors and revitalising the organisation," said Ramsamy, who is an honorary life president of SASCOC and member of the IOC.

"Consequently, I envision their continuation for the next four years. Nonetheless, the ultimate decision rests with the voters, not with me. While I don’t have a vote, I will be present to supervise the electoral process."

Distinguished South African sports administrators like Ntambi Ravele, who was associated with Tennis SA, and Cecilia Molokwane – president of Netball SA, were disqualified from participating in the upcoming elections.   

The electoral process experienced disruptions as administrators contended for the opportunity to assume leadership at SASCOC, which prompted intervention from the IOC, who dispatched Ramsamy as its observer back in 2020.

Despite the turbulence, SASCOC president Barry Hendricks, who himself faced suspension and reinstatement in the contentious elections four years ago, asserted the elections are open to any public member endorsed by their respective federations.

"Anyone from the public meeting the election criteria is welcome to participate. SASCOC and I are committed to not obstructing anyone. We pledged to facilitate free and fair elections,” Hendricks told the public broadcaster.

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