Newly-appointed Boxing SA board seek official handover

Newly-appointed Boxing SA board seek official handover

The newly-appointed Boxing South Africa board has reached out to former board chairperson Luthando Jack as they seek a full handover from the previous regime.

Speaking after their board meeting this past weekend, Sakhiwo Sodo, who served as a BSA board member on the last three boards, says the meeting with Jack will help move the organisation forward. 

The new board, chaired by former promoter Sifiso Shongwe, is now on a mission to sort out the messy administration of BSA.

"The context of the stakeholder engagement that Mr September has broadly spoken of, we are in contact with the previous board particularly its chairperson, Mr. Luthando Jack," said Sodo. 

"Before the end of the month, we are planning a session where we engage particularly on the handover, so that we are aware how far the board has gone, so that we can take the baton from where they have left."

The ongoing legal battles involving its member the National Professional Boxing Promoters Association (NPBPA), who has taken them and former Minister of Sports Zizi Kodwa to court on several occasions, has been hugely detrimental to BSA. 

New board member and CAF’s head of television Luxolo September, with a tone of concern, says the squabbles between BSA and its stakeholders are tarnishing the image of the organisation.

“It showed me one thing, that people care. When I opened the Sunday Times and Dave wrote something else, it was because he cares. He's not our enemy," said September.

"And this culture of enemies must come to an end, it's not business friendly. Every day I open the newspaper, this person is fighting with this one – I'm not here for this personally, I don't care.

"For boxing to thrive, there must be an environment for it. There must be trust, you must have open communication. If you send an email to Boxing South Africa, as a journalist, someone must respond to you as a courtesy.

"You're not doing favours. There has to be – and it's a two-way thing – this culture thing that must happen in boxing."

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