How Netball South Africa plans to help Baby Proteas prepare for the 2025 World Cup

How Netball South Africa plans to help Baby Proteas prepare for the 2025 World Cup

Netball South Africa (NSA) President Cecilia Molokwane has confirmed to SABC Sport that the national federation will orchestrate a series of test matches for Spar Baby Proteas to ensure their preparedness for the World Cup.

The team successfully secured a spot in the 2025 World Cup in Gibraltar.

These test matches will include contests against the other two nations that have qualified for the Under-21 World Cup. 

Molokwane emphasized to the national broadcaster that this plan will be implemented when the senior Proteas engage in Test Matches, and arrangements will be made for the junior team to compete against the same opponents.

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"Even thinking that we must kick back on the Spar Proteas, if they play Malawi, Malawi must come with their [under21 team] but we're not going to play a team that we know we're going to beat or they can play a training game against Malawi Queens and when we go to Jamaica, they go and play the Baby Sunshine Girls. So, they can get more games and play other senior teams even in the country, we don't have to go anywhere," Molokwane said.

Molokwane initially wanted the Baby Proteas to assemble as a team and play in matches against the Telkom Netball League teams next month.

However, she acknowledges that it is already too late to implement such changes for the upcoming league.  

"As it is late for us to add them to the TNL team because let's be honest they're all over. All of them are even playing in other teams, you will be dismantling the teams and this is not what we want to do because remember last year we dismantled the teams and then we said no Protea team is playing there,” Molokwane added.

“So, we don't want to repeat that, we want to say let them go play where they are comfortable but we want them to play several teams. Even the Spar Proteas when they go to camp, must play them to prepare them."

Molokwane is counting on Malawi and Uganda to support the teams scheduled to represent Africa in the upcoming Under-21 World Cup.

She earnestly urges these countries to collaborate with South Africa in nurturing and preparing the young players for the international stage, ensuring they are well-equipped for the global competition ahead.

This initiative aims to provide game time to the young Proteas, addressing concerns about their fitness levels leading to the World Cup finals scheduled for September next year.