Why Swallows won't compromise their 'risky' style of play

Why Swallows won't compromise their 'risky' style of play

Moroka Swallows coach Steve Komphela has defended his team’s style of play, which is modelled on building from the back, despite some seeing it as risky.

During Sunday’s 1-0 loss to Soweto neighbours Kaizer Chiefs, Swallows stuck to their game plan even when the opponents pressed them high and forced mistakes. Despite the reservations about it from some analysts and fans, Komphela talks about remaining true to their philosophy.

"I think, to be honest, you need to stay true to your process, and I wish the cameras were not on and it was an environment where you and I could be talking, and I'd tell you that you have to have guts to do that, you must be courageous," said Komphela.

"That doesn't come easy, but you also translate that to your team because if, as a coach, you panic, your players are going to panic.

"But all you say, right from the onset, listen, we're going to build from the back, we will be safe and secure, we are going to add numbers, we're going to create angles, everybody must be aware.

"All the people in the build-up structure must be connected one way or the other, so that, 'If that, then what; if this, then what?' So they know all of that.

"People who've never been with us training, who've never seen us practice this, will think, 'Eh, what are they doing?' We know very well what we are doing.

"But the secret is [knowing] when to pass – you can go to the best player in the world, if they don't know when to pass, it's not going to work, but we know when to pass." 

The Dube Birds next face another Soweto rival in Orlando Pirates on Tuesday, 5 December at Orlando Stadium.

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