Mikel Arteta: Arsenal's flexibility will be key in Premier League title chase

Mikel Arteta: Arsenal's flexibility will be key in Premier League title chase

Mikel Arteta believes his Arsenal players need to be more adaptable and unpredictable to mount another serious Premier League title challenge.

Having witnessed Arsenal narrowly miss out on the championship to eventual victors Manchester City, Arteta has greenlit the acquisitions of Kai Havertz, Declan Rice, and Jurrien Timber this summer.

This move strongly indicates Arteta's inclination towards players who possess comfort in fulfilling diverse roles.

This aspect constitutes a pivotal facet of Arteta's strategy for the forthcoming season. The manager openly acknowledges his aspiration to have a broader array of players capable of occupying various positions, thereby enhancing Arsenal's capacity to introduce variability into their style of play.

"It's a different context that we have this season," he said.

"One is down to competition for places but as well the players we have and interactions, positions they can occupy as well.

"A lot has changed as well. The games are longer now, more minutes to play as well and how we start and finish the games will be critical so it's something to bear in mind as well.

"I love it. Because it gives you more options, better players, more chances to do what you can when you have to change the game, we have to change things and we're going to ask players to do it naturally, not to force it when you don't really know when that fits.

"But teams in the Premier League, their managers and staff, after two or three games they know and they try to find a solution. But it's not about the solution. It was more about us."

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