Golden Boot contenders: Who will score the most goals at the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

Golden Boot contenders: Who will score the most goals at the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

The world's top strikers will be in Qatar over the next month, all hoping to help their team lift the World Cup but also with one eye on being the top goal scorer. Who will win the Golden Boot?

A feature of every World Cup tournament has been those replays of memorable goals that are regularly looked back on for years and decades to come.

We've all got our favourites, with the names of Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Zidane, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo springing readily to mind. However, legendary as those names are, they all have one thing in common, and that is that the World Cup Golden Boot awarded to each tournament's top goalscorer has eluded them throughout their sparkling careers.

These are the top contenders for the Golden Boot at Fifa's flagship event in 2022.

Top 10 Golden Boot contenders

Harry Kane (England)

England Striker Harry Kane

England captain Harry Kane is looking to become the first player to win a second Golden Boot and if he

If he is to get anywhere near that tally, he will need England's creative midfield talent to be much more productive than they have been throughout a disappointing 2022 so far.
  • England record: 51 goals in 75 games
  • This season: 14 goals in 23 games

Kylian Mbappe (France)

France striker Kylian Mbappe

The way Kylian Mbabbe burst onto the world stage four years ago in Russia, where he bagged four goals and became the first teenager since Pele to score in a World Cup final, suggests he could once again take the World Cup by storm.

  • France record: 26 goals in 54 games
  • This season: 20 goals in 22 games

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Argentina striker Lionel Messi

It would be difficult to imagine this list without the inclusion of Lionel Messi, despite the fact that his goalscoring talents have never quite shone in any of his four previous World Cups (6 goals in 19 matches).

  • Argentina record: 90 goals in 164 games
  • This season: 15 goals in 20 games

Neymar (Brazil)

Brazil striker Neymar

There has been talk of Neymar retiring from international football after the 2022 World Cup, and if that is the case he will want to sign off his Brazil career with a Brazilian bang.

  • Brazil record: 75 goals in 121 games
  • This season: 14 goals in 21 games

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo

It could be said that there is perhaps something rotten with the state of Portuguese football if Cristiano Ronaldo is still their best attacking option, but nevertheless the ever-young 37-year-old is again likely to be marshalling the youngsters around him in Portugal's front line, especially given the enforced absence of the injured Diogo Jota.

  • Portugal record: 117 goals in 191 games
  • This season: 3 goals in 20 games

Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)

Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku

If Belgium's golden generation are to convert their talent into long overdue silverware, then they will probably need Romelu Lukaku to turn up fit and firing on all of his powerful cylinders.

  • Belgium record: 68 goals in 102 games
  • This season: 2 goals in 5 games

Memphis Depay (Netherlands)

Netherlands striker Memphis Depay

Another Golden Boot hopeful in a race against time is Dutch striker Memphis Depay, who will be looking to replicate the form that brought him a dozen goals in nine World Cup qualifiers.

  • Netherlands record: 42 goals in 81 games
  • This season: 2 goals in 10 games

Alvaro Morata (Spain)

Spain striker Alvaro Morata

If Spain do well and express some adventure going forward, Morata might just emerge as a dark horse at the top of the goalscoring chart.

  • Spain record: 27 goals in 57 games
  • This season: 6 goals in 22 games

Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

Poland striker Robert Lewandowski

Often lauded as one of the best strikers in the world, Robert Lewandowski will be desperate to erase the memory of the 2018 World Cup, when he failed to find the net in any of Poland's three games.

  • Poland record: 76 goals in 134 games
  • This season: 18 goals in 22 games

Aleksandar Mitrovic (Serbia)

Serbia striker Aleksandar Mitrovic

Much like Lewandowski, Aleksandar Mitrovic will probably need his team to punch above their weight if he is to contend for the tournament's premier goa-lscoring award. He will also need to shake off a foot injury that has not excluded him from selection, but has prevented him from appearing in Fulham's last two Premier League outings.

  • Serbia record: 50 goals in 76 games
  • This season: 13 goals in 12 games

Possible Dark Horses

Darwin Nunez (Uruguay)

  • Uruguay record: 3 goals in 12 games
  • This season: 9 goals in 19 games

Serge Gnabry (Germany)

  • Germany record: 20 goals in 26 games
  • This season: 9 goals in 24 games

Sadio Mane (Senegal) 

  • Senegal record: 34 goals in 93 games
  • This season: 11 goals in 24 games

Gareth Bale (Wales)

  • Wales record: 40 goals in 108 games
  • This season: 3 goals in 17 games

Heung-Min Son (South Korea)

  • South Korea record: 35 goals in 104 games
  • This season: 7 goals in 21 games