Lyle Foster out of Bafana friendlies following surgery

Lyle Foster out of Bafana friendlies following surgery

Burnley and Bafana Bafana striker Lyle Foster will miss out on Bafana's upcoming friendlies due to an injury.

Foster is likely to miss South Africa's friendlies against Algeria and Andorra next month.

Burnley coach Vincent Kompany confirmed the news, revealing that Foster has undergone surgery for a chronic issue, necessitating a period of recovery.

"Lyle Foster won't be available yet," Kompany conveyed to British media. "He's had surgery on a chronic issue that needed resolving. It's not the end of his season, but he will miss out for a bit," promising further updates in the weeks to come.

This development comes as a blow to Bafana coach Hugo Broos, who expressed frustration over Foster's absence during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations and believed he could've been an asset in Ivory Coast.

However, Kompany reiterated the importance of understanding Foster's mental health situation, emphasizing the distinction between physical and mental fitness.

"It's not frustrating, it's expected," Kompany clarified. "Physical fitness and mental fitness are two very different things. You can be physically fit but not mentally prepared for the demands of a tournament."

Kompany highlighted the comprehensive support system provided to Foster, emphasizing the club's commitment to his rehabilitation beyond football.

"We took a hit for it," he acknowledged. "But if the priority is the player's well-being, then we find the right answers."

Despite efforts to communicate Foster's situation to various governing bodies, Kompany anticipates the need for continued explanation until understanding is achieved.

"We went to great lengths to explain the situation," he remarked. "But I expect I will have to explain again and again until people understand. Our starting position is the care of the player, and we will continue to prioritize that above all else."

Foster's absence serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support within the football community, highlighting the need for continued efforts to de-stigmatise and address such issues.