Bayern Munich contemplate action over pro-Palestinian social media posts

Bayern Munich contemplate action over pro-Palestinian social media posts

FC Bayern Munich have initiated a critical evaluation of fullback Noussair Mazraoui's recent pro-Palestinian social media post.

The Moroccan international's Instagram message, in which he expressed support for Hamas and cited a controversial Koranic Sura, has drawn widespread attention.

Mazraoui's post, while explicitly disavowing violence and terrorism, has caused a stir in the football community. FSV Mainz 05, in a separate case, suspended attacker Anwar El Ghazi indefinitely earlier this week, raising the possibility that Bayern Munich might take a similar course of action.

In a show of solidarity with Palestinians in the Middle East conflict, Mazraoui, the 25-year-old right-back, conveyed well-wishes to Hamas. This sentiment, combined with the citation of a Koranic verse, has put him under the club's scrutiny. Bayern Munich are set to deliberate the matter and announce their decision imminently.

The dilemma extends beyond Bayern. Tunisian Aïssa Laïdouni of 1. FC Union Berlin and German-Albanian Klas Gjasula of SV Darmstadt 98 have also encountered criticism for their social media posts on the same subject.

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Notably, Bayern, like several other German Bundesliga clubs, have historical Jewish ties stemming from post-war reorganization. This connection adds complexity to the situation. Even the newly signed backup goalkeeper, Daniel Peretz, is an Israeli youth international.

Dr. Philipp Fischinger, a trade-law professor based in Mannheim, provided insight into the matter. He suggested that the club might be inclined towards a suspension in Mazraoui's case. Dr. Fischinger stated, "Under certain circumstances, Mazraoui's post could jeopardize labour relations at FC Bayern. A warning, a contractual penalty, or an indefinite leave-of-absence could be considered. An immediate contract termination doesn't seem possible."

The fate of Noussair Mazraoui hangs in the balance as Bayern Munich undertake "detailed discussions" to determine the appropriate course of action in light of his pro-Palestinian social media post.

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