Akani Simbine optimistic about his chances at the Olympic Games

Akani Simbine optimistic about his chances at the Olympic Games

South African sprint star Akani Simbine is determined to secure his first major international medal, aiming to end his decade-long wait for a significant victory.

Simbine remains unbeaten in four competitive races – two locally, and two internationally – showing promising form ahead of the Olympic Games.

He has recorded impressive sub-10 times of 9.90 and 9.94 seconds, leading the world rankings.

Consistently running sub-10 for ten years, he will compete in the 100m and 4x100m in Paris from 1-11 August at the Olympic Stadium. However, he intends to approach the Olympics with caution this time.

"Paris yes, Olympics is a big thing, it's huge you know, it's an event that is big and everything but I'm just taking a different approach to it this time. I've accepted that it's a big event but I'm going there to race, I race all the time and I can't put myself in a position where I'm putting pressure on myself because of the title of the event because at the end of the day I'm still gonna race the 100 meters, I'm still gonna step on the line with the guys I step on the line with,” Simbine said.

“So, for me it's doing the same thing that I'm doing every day, just at a different event and now it's the Olympic Games which has some weight to it but that's not a weight that I should put upon myself but more of something that I need to be like okay, it's the Olympic Games but then I'm still gonna be doing what I do everyday."

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Simbine has been training with his long-term coach Werner Prinsloo for over a decade, but despite their efforts, they have yet to secure an international medal.

They have competed in three World Championships and two Olympic Games finals, but victory has remained elusive. Simbine acknowledges that it has been a long and challenging journey without success.

"Long time coming, it's literally a long time coming and it's something that we've all believed, the whole team has believed and I believed that it something that can come and it can come to South Africa. I know my talents, I know what I can bring to the table, I know what I can do on my best day and I just wanna make sure that by the time the 100-meter race is, that I'm on my best and I get to the final and I'm at my best."