Zizi Kodwa restarts Boxing South Africa's new board process

Zizi Kodwa restarts Boxing South Africa's new board process

Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture Zizi Kodwa says they are on track with their plans to announce the new Boxing South Africa board on 15 May.

Kodwa told SABC Sport they will this week start the consultative process with all key stakeholders before the finalisation of the recommended list. 

The nominations list for the board after the previous appointments was challenged by the National Professional Boxing Promoters, who cited a lack of consultation, and Kodwa now says the selection and interview process has now been completed.

“The latest is that by the15th, in terms of our roadmap, we hope to announce the new board,” said Kodwa.

“The selection, in terms of the names, interviews have been done, and in a matter of days, we’ll be doing consultation with the federations and formations.

“We are looking at the 15th of May to make sure that we announce the new board.”

Kodwa assured there will be an extensive consultative process this time around as they would also try to close any loopholes.

“As an important issue, we will do so, but of course, as you know, the Act empowers the Minister to appoint,” he added.

“But importantly, I must consult on the names so that the federations can make comments, if there are any comments to be made about the names that came out of the process.”

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