Glenrose Xaba rejoices in the triumph of her coach, Caster Semenya, against World Athletics

Glenrose Xaba rejoices in the triumph of her coach, Caster Semenya, against World Athletics

South African half-marathon champion, Glenrose Xaba, expressed her elation over her coach Caster Semenya’s recent victory against World Athletics.

The European court’s decision, in favour of the double 800m Olympic gold medallist, marked a significant milestone in her legal battle with the governing athletics body.

The contentious issue revolved around a requirement imposed on Semenya to lower her testosterone levels in order to continue participating in her referred 800m event.

Regrettably, this ruling prevented Semenya from competing in the World Championships held in the USA last year and the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

As Xaba’s coach and manager, alongside Violet Raseboya, in Pretoria, Semenya played a crucial role in helping Xaba retain her 10 000m title at the Nationals Championships in Potchefstroom earlier this year.  

Xaba, who attributes her exceptional form and three personal bests in the 10km this year to Semenya’s guidance shared her joy with SABC Sport expressing delight that her coach could now compete again without restrictions. The victory is seen as a significant win for Semenya and a positive development for athletes facing similar challenges.

Xaba expressed immense excitement upon hearing the news about her, Semenya. She joyfully shared her excitement with the national broadcaster, “I am absolutely thrilled about the news concerning my coach, Caster Semenya. Her happiness brings me great joy. Although we haven’t had a chance to delve into the details yet, I can sense her excitement and eagerness to get back on the racing track. When we reunite, I’m excited to celebrate her victory and have a meaningful conversation about her triumph. I can already tell that she is in high spirits and content with her success,” said Xaba.

While Semenya has chosen not to share her thoughts publicly regarding the triumph against World Athletics, Xaba offered insights to the national broadcaster, shedding light on her coach’s current emotional state. “She is filled with happiness,” shared Xaba.