Gerda Steyn breaks another record to win fifth consecutive Two Oceans title

Gerda Steyn breaks another record to win fifth consecutive Two Oceans title

South Africa’s ultra-marathon queen Gerda Steyn once again left her mark on the Two Oceans Marathon, as she shattered her own record by nearly two minutes on Saturday morning.

Steyn showed incredible endurance to complete the gruelling course in 3:26:54, securing her fifth consecutive Two Oceans title and claiming the R250 000 prize at the University of Cape Town.

This triumph also marks Steyn’s third consecutive record-breaking performance, establishing her as the most accomplished solo runner in the event’s history.

"This victory holds immense personal significance for me, and I’m eager to share it with everyone who supported and cheered me on. Today’s outcome fills me with gratitude,” said Steyn.

“The victory I achieved wouldn’t have been possible without the crowd's and my family's incredible support. I believe my talent is a gift from God, and sharing it with others is only right. 

"Today, as the crowd cheered, and my family, who drove through the night two days ago, watched in anticipation, I felt motivated. Their unwavering support means everything to me."

The echoes of “Gerda, Gerda,” reverberated in the final kilometre building to a crescendo as she approached the finish line.

Despite pushing her limits, Steyn exhibited remarkable composure as she crossed the finish line, graciously interacting with fans, signing autographs, and congratulating fellow runners.

At 34 years old, she recently broke the Vaal Marathon and Om Die Dam records, marking her third record-breaking achievement in the space of just two months.

Irvette Van Zyl, her closest competitor, battled fiercely but ultimately settled for second place, while Loveness Madziva of Zimbabwe showcased admirable resilience to secure a commendable third-place finish amidst challenging windy conditions in the Mother City.

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